The Health Benefits of Yoga

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Mark Olsen, MBA

January 7, 2022

Interested in improving your balance, pain relief, increasing your heart’s health, and reducing stress all at once, then give yoga a try. Yoga offers all of the mentioned these, and more, physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. The Ministry of External Affairs of India classifies yoga as “a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body.” No matter if you are completely healthy, going through a chronic condition, or recovering from surgery, yoga is beneficial to your overall health and recovery. 

Did you know that yoga can help with back pain relief? 

There are many poses and formations that you can perform to help bring relief to your back pain. This article by Healthline talks about these poses, such as the downward-facing dog, cat-cow, and locust pose. Since back pain is typically a chronic condition, one must practice yoga daily to see the health benefits of yoga possibly. This is not something that will essentially 100% cure your back pain, but it may make you less likely to use pain medications over time. 

Did you know that yoga can help with your arthritis? 

Over time, working the affected areas of your body that developed arthritic symptoms may lead to pain relief, and yoga can help with that. Getting yourself moving is the key to helping relieve your symptoms. Some people claimed that their pain was not relieved, but they were able to get through their day-to-day activities with more energy. You also do not have to do each pose as precisely as the instructor does it, don’t be afraid to adjust them to your capabilities. If you are unsure about what poses to do, there are many resources online and plenty of highly trained yoga instructors in your area. 

Did you know what yoga can benefit heart health? 

The leading causes of heart disease include lack of exercise, being overweight, and a poor diet. Yoga gets you moving with movements and teaches you healthy lifestyle choices. One of the significant outcomes of doing yoga regularly is reducing stress, which can be extremely harmful to the body if built up over time. Exercising is a fantastic way to deal with stress and give you more energy to get through the day. 

What’s the best part about yoga? 

The best part about yoga is the community of those who enjoy doing yoga. If you are suffering from loneliness or need a group setting for healing, yoga can be an excellent fit for you. 

How does yoga work in primary care?

Since a primary care provider (PCP) will usually see the patient first when there is a complaint, they will act as an educator to help guide their patient(s) to find solutions to their health complaints. For example, if a patient is suffering from chronic pain, the PCP may recommend them to consult a physical therapist and/or provide them with exercises for them to do at home to ease the pain. 

Cross Valley Health & Medicine providers are highly trained family health professionals. They approach each patient with a “whole body” angle rather than focusing on one or two medical conditions. By examining the whole body, the medical providers can craft a unique care plan specifically for that patient. Although yoga technically can’t be prescribed in a medication form, our providers may recommend yoga as one of the first attempts at exercising. 

If you are suffering from pain or just need to find ways to destress, give our office a call at 845-561-7075. 

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