Medical Marijuana Certification Program

Program Information

Cross Valley Health & Medicine is a leading provider of issuing New Yorkers their medical marijuana cards of the Hudson Valley-based out of Newburgh New York. Doctor Paul Saladino and Christian Plaza, FNP can gain you access to the New York State's Medical Marijuana Program in no time as long as you medically qualify. Medical marijuana is an alternative form of treatment in which may bring relief to patients with certain chronic conditions

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Are you too busy to stop by our office? Request an online consultation through FormDr and get approval for your medical marijuana card today.

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 New York State Qualifying Conditions


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    Up to 1 Year Certifications

    If you're unsure about using medical marijuana after you qualify for the program, your Cross Valley Health & Medicine practitioner can issue your certification on a 3, 6, or 12-month basis. Remember to come back and visit us 30 days prior to when your certification expires. Don't let your certification expire as you will have you start the process from the beginning again!

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    Medical Marijuana Education

    Questions about using medical marijuana or what you should buy at a dispensary? Your Cross Valley Health & Medicine practitioner will answer all of your questions during your consultation and or certification appointment. They may then recommend you to speak with your local dispensary pharmacist, which is usually a free consultation. 

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    Competitive Pricing

    Cross Valley Health & Medicine will charge a fee for your initial consultation of $75.00 without us getting your medical records. If you would like us to obtain your medical records for you, we will charge $99.00 for both the screening and getting your medical records.

    If you medically qualify for our Medical Marijuana Certification Program, there is a fee of $145.00 to issue the certification and recertification. Please note that this program is typically not covered by medical insurance. We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards. 

    IT'S EASY AS 1-2-3

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    Complete Your Paperwork Online

    New patients interested in applying for their first certification or those looking to renew their certification can complete the medical marijuana card application to request a virtual or in-person consultation.

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    Wait For Your Application To be Reviewed

    Applications can take up to 24  business hours to be processed. While you're waiting, make sure to send us your medical records ( as proof of your qualifying condition (if you did not pay the extra fee for us to obtain them)

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    Schedule Your Consultation

    If your application was approved or your certification is about to expire, our office will call you to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment. 

    Ready to Meet Us?

    Have you exhausted all other treatment options? Our experienced practitioners Doctor Paul Saladino and Christian Plaza, FNP understand that every patient is unique and will customize each certification to help you. Medical marijuana-related products are grown specifically to help treat your New York State qualifying condition(s). If you are ready to begin the process to become certified to purchase medical medical marijuana in New York, click below to start your application today.