Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Program

Program Information

The Cross Valley Health & Medicine Substance Abuse Treatment Program is overseen by Dr. Paul Saladino and Christian Plaza, FNP. Our doctor and family nurse practitioner bring years of experience to help treat those who have developed a chemical dependency. As family health professionals, they understand these chemical dependencies are chronic and progressive illnesses that can affect people of all ages. Cross Valley Health & Medicine staff will work with you or your loved one as a team to help them live a more happy and healthy life. We support all adults over the age of 18 and accept most insurances. Our providers are able to see you both in-person, or virtually though telemedicine. We know that this can be a big transition for you or your loved one, so we are here to help them through their journies.

Our Program Mission

At Cross Valley Health & Medicine, our goal is to assess your individual situation from both you and your families' perspectives. This will help ensure no stone is left unturned; your treatment plan will be uniquely made for you to tackle all of your concerns.  

Our Medical Services

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Through the use of medication in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, Dr. Saladino and Christian Plaza, FNP are highly trained to help sustain your recovery from substance abuse. The practitioners may prescribe buprenorphine, naloxone or suboxone to facilitate safer withdrawal by relieving symptoms and controlling cravings.

Substance Abuse Treatment Planning

Several questionnaires will be given to you, so your provider can evaluate the level of chemical dependence currently going on. Once the provider knows a little more about you, a treatment plan will be created. This is a master plan that will explain what's the best way to get you back on your feet.

Mental Health Management

Your Cross Valley Health & Medicine practitioner will work with you directly to create a plan to address your mental health concerns. After the treatment plan has been mutually agreed upon, several follow up appointments will be scheduled to track your progress. If you ever feel uneasy during this process, make sure to speak to us so changes can be made.



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We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm. If you have a question or concern after hours, feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram.

At Cross Valley Health & Medicine, all of our staff members are specifically trained to help our patients through their addiction-related questions and concerns. Dr. Saladino is Dual-Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine while Christian Plaza, FNP puts his clinical focus on family health. Our practice has many years of experience treating patients who are addicted to a substance espcially in the Hudson Valley.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Program Includes:

  • Care plan management from start to finish.
  • Individualized one-on-one therapy with Cross Valley practitioners.
  • Medication to conquere any existing cravings.
  • 100% safe and fully confidential program.
Every patient that comes to Cross Valley Health & Medicine is given a second chance. Battling addiction is hard, and not everyone succeeds on the first try. No matter what, our practitioners are fully committed to help you through this battle.

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