Behavioral Health By 

A Hudson Valley Practice

Cross Valley Health & Medicine is a primary care facility that offers behavioral health assessment, diagnosis and treatment in a completely confidential way. 

Each patient has their own backstory, and we would like to become part of your journey. If either you, your familiy or friends suffer from mental health issues and/or chemical dependencies, we have your back.

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Who we are

Christian Plaza is a Family Nurse Practitioner based out of Newburgh New York. He approaches every patient as a whole rather than just a single part. That way he could understand what may make you think or do something in particular.


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What we do

Mr. Plaza offers multiple uniquely tailored 1-on-1 virtual and/or in-person sessions, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. He begins each session with a full mental health assessment because we all have to start somewhere. From there, a treatment plan is mutually created based on what you can handle. 

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How we do it

Cross Valley Health & Medicine is fully committed to protecting the respect and privacy of our patients. We understand that this may be a difficult journey for you or your loved ones, so setting goals and sticking to your treatment plan is the best course of action we recommend.