How do you Remove the Marijuana Smell from your Car

How do you Remove the Marijuana Smell from your Car

The stigma with any use of marijuana is that there is a distinct smell that comes with it. If you have ever used marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal, you know what smell we are talking about. No matter the location, that smell can easily stick to various fabrics and other surfaces and can be tough to remove.

One location in particular that can hold onto that marijuana smell is in your car. As a reminder in New York, it is illegal to consume any form of marijuana product within your vehicle even if it is parked. Just in case if that pesky marijuana smell is lingering in your car, let’s explore how to get it out, but first why does the smell stay for so long?

The Marijuana Scent

Basically, the longer the marijuana leaf has been growing, the more potent the smell will be. Any leaf that was harvested prematurely will not have as potent of a smell when compared to another leaf being harvested at the right time. The leaf gets its scent from a plant-based chemical called terpene. These compounds are completely organic, so they can come in a variety of natural smells. For example, if a marijuana leaf develops a lemon-smelling terpene, odds are there will be a fresh lemon scent along with the typical marijuana smell.

Like all other odors, marijuana is no different. It can easily attach to your clothes, furniture and of course your car’s interior. Now that we know the basic idea of how that scent gets onto objects either on or around you, let’s find out how to get rid of the smell in your car’s interior.

Essential Oils with Diffusers

Since candles are a favorite to use indoors to mask a scent, obviously this won’t work too well in your car. A great alternative for candles are essential oils through a diffuser.  These essential oil diffusers will disperse a fragrance into the air and will most likely mask any unwanted smell(s). You can find a diffuser perfectly designed to fit most vehicles; including yours!

Air Fresheners

No matter what, you can’t beat the classic Little Trees air freshener hanging from your rear-view mirror. Even if those aren’t doing it, spraying Febreze can do the trick too. Having a mix of the essential oil diffuser with a Little Trees air freshener and Febreze is a great start to mask that pesky marijuana smell.

Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda on your upholstery (carpets and non-leather seats) may take away the marijuana stench. The science behind baking soda is quite impressive; those bacteria that are sticking around to cause stinky smells could be neutralized if allowed to sit for 24 hours before vacuuming it up.

Deep Cleaning / Detailing

For those who love to clean, or cleaning is a relaxing way to relieve stress, giving your car a deep cleaning is the best way to remove the marijuana scent. By doing some or all of the following items may begin to take out that smell (and you can enjoy that fresh new car feeling).

  • Shampooing your carpets or washing your hard-surfaced doormats
  • Scrubbing your leather or cloth seats to remove any stains or smells
  • Microfiber cloth rub down to remove dust on your dashboard and other various places inside the car
  • Glass cleaning (both inside and out)

There are also detailing professionals in most communities, try searching “auto detailing near me” on your favorite web browser.

What’s Next

Of course, there is not one single way to get that smell out of your car. The best way to not experience this is by not consuming marijuana inside your car. Even products that smell on the way home (without consumption) can be prevented by placing marijuana-related items in an air-locked container or a simple plastic sealed bag. By doing all or some of these cleaning tactics, that marijuana stench will be good as gone after some effort is put into removing it.

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