How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

How can I get my New York State medical marijuana card?

There is a common misconception for patients looking to obtain a New York State medical marijuana card. Once they see a medical marijuana doctor or nurse practitioner, they will immediately receive a medical marijuana card. This is not entirely true. Medical marijuana providers will issue their patients a medical marijuana certification instead. It is the responsibility of the patient to get a medical marijuana card from New York State.

Fortunately, Cross Valley Health & Medicine has two providers to help you get certified. Our very own Dr. Paul Saladino and Christian Plaza FNP are eager to assist you getting certified to purchase medical marijuana products. The process can be very confusing, so we have included the instructions on how to register your certification with New York State and receive your medical marijuana card.


Certification Steps (Once Certified)

  1. The first step is the creation of a New York State Personal account on A username and password are needed to create this account along with an email to be able to receive a medical marijuana card. Click on “Don’t have an Account?” To begin this process.
  2. After the creation of a personal account, log into your account by clicking on “Sign In” and inputting the username and password that was created. Once logged into the account, select the icon labeled as “Health Applications” from the “Available Services” menu. After the application has loaded, continue on by clicking on the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System” (MMDMS) link and select the role of “Patient”.
  3. Text boxes will appear that will require you to input the information exactly how it appears on the certification. After the information has been entered and verified, select “Next”. The certification number can be found on the upper right hand corner of the certification form that was issued by a Cross Valley Health & Medicine provider. These numbers begin with “PC1-“ then follow the rest with the numbers and no spaces. The date of birth must be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY. If an error message is received, please check on the spelling of your first and last name and that your DOB and Zip Code are correct. If you discover that all of the information is correct, contact Cross Valley Health & Medicine and report the issue prior to the completion of the registration. Please note, if any information is incorrect or does not match your NYS Drivers License or ID to contact Cross Valley Health & Medicine immediately to correct this information.
  4. On the “Patient Home Page” select “Register/View my Registrations”. Once the screen has loaded, click on the green “Start New Registration” button. If you already have started the registration, but did not complete it and want to return back to the registration to complete it, click on the blue registration number listed that begins with “PR1-“.
  5. After all areas have been completed, click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page. The State Medical Marijuana Program will contact you at the phone number provided if there are any issues or and other information that is needed.
  6. Once the registration process is complete, your medical marijuana card will arrive in the mail to the address provided on the registration within two (2) weeks of the completion of registration. You can access a temporary medical marijuana card, which you can print out from your account, which will expire after 30 days.
  7. If you have a caregiver, they can receive a medical marijuana card for you as well! The medical marijuana card will have your name on it as well as the caregivers to allow them to pick up the medical marijuana on your behalf. They would need to repeat all of the same steps as you to register, with the exception of selecting patient, they would select Care Giver.


What's next

If you run into any issues while registering your medical marijuana certification to the website, there are several tools that can assist you.

  1. Cross Valley Health & Medicine may be able to assist you with basic account management issues but can help direct you to the appropriate party for larger issues.
  2. Your local dispensary is a great resource to assist with registering to the site.
  3. You can contact NYS directly for assistance by emailing or calling 1-844-863-9312. This number can be contacted as well for assistance with registering if you do not have computer access.


What are the dispensaries of the Hudson Valley

Orange County:

Curaleaf NY, LLC located at 8 North Plank Road, Nebwurgh NY 12550

The Botanist located at 247 Dunning Road, Wallkill NY 10940

Dutchess County:

Be. Hudson Valley located at 1147 Route 9 Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Ulster County:

Etain, LLC located at 445 State Route 28 Kingston, NY 12401


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