National Fireworks Safety Month

With 4th of July around the corner, it is important to discuss the dangers of fireworks and remember how to be safe when using them. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), states that injuries from fireworks can range anywhere from serious to deadly.  If you plan on using fireworks this holiday, keep these tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety in mind:

  • Make sure to purchase your fireworks from a reliable source
  • Use fireworks exactly as directed on the label
  • Observe local and state laws
  • Do not allow children to handle fireworks
  • Wear Safety glasses
  • Do not consume alcohol while working with fireworks
  • NEVER relight a “dud” firework
  • Do NOT experiment with homemade fireworks
  • Soak spent fireworks in a bucket of water before placing in a trashcan
  • Report illegal explosives to the police or fire department
  • ALWAYS have water ready
  • Only shoot fireworks OUTDOORS in an open area away from buildings and vehicles
  • Use common sense

Be safe and have a great 4th of July!


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