Cross Valley Celebrates Nurse Practitioner Week 2021

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) celebrates November 7, 2021 to November 13, 2021 as the National Nurse Practitioner Week. The AANP describes this week to “celebrate these exceptional health care providers and to remind lawmakers of  the importance of removing outdated barriers to practice to nurse practitioners (NPs) will be allowed to practice to the full extent of their experience and education.” With more than 325,000 nurse practitioners in America, a week-long celebration is a must to celebrate accomplishments made by nurse practitioners across the country.

What can nurse practitioners do?

Similar to what a physician can do, nurse practitioners are able to prescribe medication, order tests, and provide treatment to patients. In some states, nurse practitioners are able to practice medicine without the direct supervision of a physician while others require a physician’s signature on patient encounters with a nurse practitioner.

What is the education required to become a nurse practitioner?

Prior to enrolling in a nurse practitioner program, one must obtain their registered nurse license, which usually is a 4-year degree. All nurse practitioners must complete a master’s or doctoral degree program on top of successfully obtaining their registered nurse license. This process can take anywhere from two to four years. Most registered nurses who were looking to continue their education do so because of the increased medical autonomy, careers opportunities, and higher pay.

Besides the educational component, nurse practitioner candidates are subject to intense period peer review, national certification, and evaluations of clinical outcomes for patients under their direct care.

What are the medical specialties that a nurse practitioner can enter into?

Nurse practitioners have the ability to specialize in a medical field such as:

Ready to meet our own nurse practitioner?

Cross Valley Health & Medicine has a nurse practitioner that specializes in family health named Christian Plaza. Mr. Plaza has been with the practice since the doors first opened in 2007 and started full-time as a family nurse practitioner in 2018. Since then, he has touched the lives of many Hudson Valley New York residents across all ages and backgrounds.

As a family nurse practitioner (FNP), Mr. Plaza has a clinical focus on the promotion of health education. Instead of medically caring for one part of the body, Mr. Plaza is trained to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries like the common cold to manage diabetes. According to, an FNP may also:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of health conditions
  • Conducting routine physicals
  • Developing and carrying out treatment plans for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Providing primary health care with an emphasis on preventative care
  • Prescribing medications and other therapies
  • Ordering and interpreting lab and other diagnostic tests
  • Assisting in minor surgeries
  • Making appropriate referrals when needed

Mr. Plaza has also passed the FNP certification exam along with having at least 500 faculty-supervised clinical hours.

Cross Valley Health & Medicine is a primary care practice located in Newburgh NY, allowing for both virtual and in-person appointments. The practice has two medical providers on staff, Doctor Paul Saladino who is dual board-certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine, and a Christian Plaza who is a family nurse practitioner. Both practitioners are eager to see new patients for the following programs: Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health Management, HIV/AIDS Care Management, Internal Medicine, Medical Marijuana Certifications, Medication-Assisted Treatment, STD/STI Care Management, and Weight Loss Management. If you are interested in becoming a patient of Cross Valley, please click here to access our online paperwork portal. Visit us online at or give our office a call at 845-561-7075.